Diplomacy Podcast
How to become a decent Diplomacy player
S1E2 - 01.02: Are you Comfortable?

Breaking down my first tournament negotiation.

S1E3 - What's Your Favorite Country?

Italy??? (Germany) Anything but Turkey...

S1E4 - The Hardest Decision

In any game (possibly in every game)

S1E5 - Recap of WeaselMoot XIII with Zachary Moore

Solo in Final Game to Win Tournament

S1E6 - Recap of SkyCon1 with Zachary Moore

Riches to Rags (First to Worst)

S1E7 - How to Choose Your Words

Even When You're Under Pressure

S1E8 - Processing Information and Making Orders

Applying What You Learn from Negotiations

S1E9 - Diplomacy Book: Ch 1, Philosophy (Part 1)

Don't Make the First Bad Move