Diplomacy Podcast
How to become a decent Diplomacy player
S1E10 - Diplomacy Book: Ch 1, Philosophy (Part 2)

First, We Play the Game...Then We Learn the Rules

S1E11 - Diplomacy Decisions Audiobook Recording: 1/7

A Mysterious Letter & 34 Coins

S1E12 - Diplomacy Decisions Audiobook: Part 2/7


S1E13 - Diplomacy Decisions Audiobook: Part 3/7

Acknowledgements & Ch 1, Philosophy

S1E14 - Diplomacy Decisions Audibook: Part 4/7

Controlling the pace of the game

S1E15 - Diplomacy Decisions Audibook: Part 5/7

The Pace of the Turk

S1E16 - Diplomacy: Conversations with Barbosa (28 of my Favorite Openings)

A creative, stylized approach to Opening Theory

S1E17 - Spring 1902 Decisions

Difficult & Decisive